First Sunrise of 2016

This year, during New Year's Eve I didn't drink, or go out and party. Just spent a casual evening at home with my wife and step-daughter. Had dinner, enjoyed some sweets, and stayed up as close to midnight as we could. Hint: we didn't make it. Ha

I decided to get up at 5:50am to shower and get ready to go take some sunrise shots. I hadn't completely decided on where I wanted to go take them and since it had been so cloudy the last several days, I knew I wasn't going to get a clean horizon photo. So I headed down I-40 to visit the SkyDance Bridge and see if that location would work out. I actually wasn't sure if the bridge was even open so early in the morning. 

Luckily, it was completely accessible. So I parked and found a good shooting spot that was out of the wind since the air temperature was 18°F. The two photos below were taken about 15minutes a part. 

In the first photo, my goal was for the bridge to be the focal point, but to make the eyes move from the bottom of the image, along the wooden planks and up to the lighted structure. From there, I wanted to move the eyes up the tallest right hand portion towards the half-moon. 

The second photo was taken from a different vantage point. I wanted to create a total area of interest on the right side of the image. Almost for commercial usage or so some graphic design could be added if a local business or company would want to utilize the space available. I also wanted to show how the slight bit of initial sunrise made the SkyDance Bridge lights dim a bit. At the time of shooting, that caught my eyes at least. 

Hope you enjoy these images. It was fun and interesting for me to shoot. As always, if you'd like to purchase a print, just contact me, and I'd be glad to get you a price based on the size you'd like. 

All images are owned by Ryan Day.