Surprise! Party Time

Over the weekend I was able to be around a bunch of really fun people. It was a top secret event that the guest of honor never saw coming...

A surprise 60th birthday party. Family and friends traveled from near and far to make Ronda Pariseau shocked and teary-eyed. It was a wonderful time. 

I was initially nervous and anxious to be able to capture all of these great moments right when they were happening. I knew there were going to be several main points to focus on. Making sure I captured her arrival and look of surprise on her face, the detail shots around the room before she arrived, interaction shots around the room, and finally, the really cool impromptu photo booth shots. 

The photo booth was something new for me. Especially since I was using a somewhat new lighting setup. It wound up working great and went off without a hitch. Everyone had fun being goofy and using props. Even the kids got in on it! These wound up being some of my favorite shots of the event. Other than one extra special shot where you see the birthday girl in the foreground and in-focus and her son out of focus in the background to her right. That was just a really sweet moment. 

The overall event lasted a few hours. Afterward, I was pretty pumped at checking out everything I had captured, so I hustled home and started importing all the photos and began editing. I didn't stop. Before 10pm at night, I had delivered all the final images to the organizer of the party. They loved them just as much as I did. Below, you can see shots from different portions of the party. Enjoy! 

All images are owned and copywrited by Ryan Day.