A Project 12 Years In The Making

I still remember the day this car was towed out of a farmer's field. It had been left for dead and was basically an empty shell of a vehicle. Jared (the owner/builder and guy in the photo below) was determined to make this Mitsubishi VR4 a beast of a machine. 

Over a decade later, with a whole lot of hard work and money, there is hardly a original factory part on this bad boy. Up until the night we did this photo shoot, I hadn't gotten the opportunity to take a ride in this finished car. Well, it did not disappoint. It's the kind of power that gives you a nauseous feeling in your gut. Sets you back into the seat, and would easily give you whiplash if you weren't prepared. I loved it. An amazing thing to finally see this car finished. 

With wind chills easily in the teens, we hit downtown OKC and found an old, dusty parking garage to take a majority of the photos. A secondary location was in front of the Skydance Bridge that overlooks Interstate 40. I'm really happy with the results. Being so dark, it called for constant use of a tripod and in certain situations, a rather long exposure. 

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