There's A First Time For Everything

I've known these two since we were all kids running around our hometown in SW Oklahoma. Now they're bringing a little bundle of joy into this world. 

Marissa and Randy are due towards the end of March. About a month ago, I sent Marissa a text to ask if they had booked a photographer for their Maternity photos. They hadn't! I quickly offered up my services. 

I know them, I know their personalities, and I know that neither of them are completely comfortable with taking photos. Especially Randy. I think, and I hope that it brought them some relief to have me take the shots rather than a photographer who doesn't know them and is just there to punch the clock after an hour. I asked Marissa to send me some looks online that she wanted to either re-create, or to make them in their own way. But mostly, when it came time to take the photos, I like to go with the flow and let their moods dictate how the shoot goes. Forcing awkward poses with people that feel out of their element anyhow never really make for natural and realistic portraits. 

In the end, I delivered over 50 shots for them to have and cherish forever. Below you'll see a few from that afternoon. 

Marissa & Randy, if you're reading this. I thank you so much for letting me be a part of this. I'm greatly looking forward to the newborn shots when Sadie arrives!