The Merkley/Gorges Fam

You'll notice a theme with the first series of blog posts here. A lot of 'firsts'. 

This family portrait shoot was a first for me in a couple ways:

1. I was shooting with a family that I've known for quite some time. Also, the matriarch is a well-established Norman photographer. 

2. It was my first family portrait shoot. Period. 

Hey, transparency is what you get from me. I'm fine with it. Hope you are too. 

Here's the deal. We agreed to take each other's family portraits without making any money. Just a fair and even trade. By the way, she did a wonderful job taking pictures of my beautiful wife, step-daughter, and me. We loved them. You can see a few of them on her Facebook page

Anyhow. I was anxious about this shoot from the moment I got into the car to meet them at the arranged location. This shoot was done at Will Rogers Park in Oklahoma City. Beautiful area. Was especially gorgeous during 'golden hour' earlier this fall when this shoot took place.

We did run into some trouble on this photo session. Apparently as of several months ago, Will Rogers Park closes at 5pm. Why? Who knows. I suppose it's to keep some riff-raff out, but it's a pain for the dozen or so photographers and families that were using the park at that very moment. A security guard walked up and told us to start making our way out of the park as soon as possible. Mind you, this was about 10 minutes into our shooting session. I was in straight-up panic mode. Although, since this family is awesome. They just had a complete lack of regard for the security officer. We had a good laugh and made our way to a couple remote areas of the park to continue shooting before we decided to call it quits before the gates locked us in. 

Here's a little gallery from the shoot.

This family is funny, quirky, sarcastic, brutally honest, and everything else that makes them unique. Love them. Since the mother is a photographer, she was helpful in getting everyone arranged and helping in that sense. You probably noticed the black and white image where the father and son are 'hugging it out'. Yeah, that happened because when they initially sat down next to each other, they were about 3 feet apart. I just asked them to get closer and that's what happened. What was intended to be an awkward hug to get close to each other wound up being a moment that I think I captured and will live on their living room wall for quite some time. 

I'd take photos of this family any day of the week. They are great friends and I look forward to meeting and photographing more families in my future. 

Thanks for reading.

Just keep in mind. All these photographs are owned and copyrighted by me, Ryan Day.