First Things First

As of typing this, my new website has been live for a whopping 8 hours. Let me first explain how this all happened. 

I've always had an interest in photography and only very recently have I become very serious about it. Sort of just tired of seeing people charged tons of money for what is bad or lazy work. Purely my opinion. I hope when you browse through my site, you notice that I'm a huge fan of things looking as natural as possible. Especially portrait work. Occasionally, I can see myself branching in to more abstract or interpretive work. 

For now, I'm just focused on capturing moments that tell a story or make you stop and think. 

This site is more or less a formal way for me to post my work online. Simple as that. I do want to utilize this blog share some behind the scenes information from my various clients or photo shoots. 

Hope you've enjoyed what I've done so far. I'm just getting started...